Matthew Crabb is an award-winning wood sculptor, recognised for his extraordinary talent in creating awe-inspiring large scale sculptures.

During the last two decades, Matthew’s contributions to the chainsaw carving art-form have been significant. He is a world renowned master carver and creative enigma who continually pushes the boundaries of what is possible, with his ground-breaking compositions.

“When I decide upon my subject, I quickly become consumed by enthusiasm and a need to create it. I start my saw, my mind clears and the flow between me and the wood feels like a dance. My work is a passion and I feel blessed to be who I am and express myself in this way”.

Matthew’s highly sophisticated style of work is admired by millions of people and has become highly sought after by private collectors around the world. He has gained countless awards and completed commissions on both sides of the Atlantic.

Matthew Crabb and the Kraken
Matthew Crabb carving
King Arthur wooden sculpture by Matthew Crabb
Bee bench at Blenheim Palace
Carved wooden owl bench by Matthew Crabb
Somerset Dragon

In 2021 Matthew was commissioned to create three bespoke benches by the royal residence Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire, England UK. In 2023 Matthew was asked to design and create a monumental carving for Taunton town centre in Somerset. The 4 metre high wood sculpture depicts the red dragon rampant from the Somerset county flag.

An environmentally conscious artist, Matthew leads the way with his practices. He has never had a tree felled specifically for his work. All the saw dust and every offcut of wood is repurposed, ensuring that every part of the material is used. Matthew runs all of his saws using Aspen fuel. This Alkylate petrol is virtually free from sulphur, benzene and solvents making it much less harmful to the environment than regular petrol ensuring that all of Matthew’s art works are created in an ethical and sustainable way.